The Russian-African Art Project That Became The Most Interesting PUMA Collab Ever Began In The Mind Of CFDA Award Winner Marusya Kazakova.

The Culture: Joey A.X for SOULER

Since 2016 JAHNKOY has been a visionary art project, producing several shows that focused on promoting global cultural revival, artisanal craftsmanship, sustainability, racial equality, and unity of mankind across the globe. In 2020, it became a fashion statement as the award-winning collaboration with athletic giant PUMA was released to global fanfare.

Roughly a year ago, JAHNKOY’s founding designer Marusya (“Maria” across the pond) Vadimovna Kazakova teamed up with African artisan BURKINDY to launch JAHNKOY as a fashion brand that will continue to craft world-class collections that view the entire planet as one global spirit…

LA’s enigmatic, indie A F fashion visionary doesn’t care celebrities love his line, or that the biggest designers in the world knock him off. You can steal ideas, but you can’t fake heart & soul.

The Culture: Joey A.X for SOULER

Art & business have always had an oddly nuanced, often tangled symbiotic relationship. Sometimes contentious, sometimes a fluidly binding embrace, they’re either spiteful enemies or wholly reliant on the other’s partnership. Art has, and always will, exist on its own plane & accord, and the same could be said for business. Art for art’s sake never needed a benefactor. The other side to that coin is best embodied by the relationship of Jackson Pollock and Madam Guggenheim. You how that shit goes. …

From Sammy Davis Jr. breaking down barriers by gracing the GQ cover in 1967, to Tyler The Creator & Luka Sabbat reimagining Black Masculinity with every outfit, here are the Top 20 Essential Black Male Fashion Icons Ever. And how they all connect.

The Culture: Joey A.X for SOULER

Culture has such a short term memory. Amplify that by 2,700 or more now. The never-ending parade of megaphones in CMYK commanding us to “click here” or “buy that” are all playing to take advantage of our lab-rat attention spans. They know that one can only hold up (or seem to semi-grasp) the last 123 posts you’ve scrolled thru. The click-bait is real. The important stuff falls valiantly to thirst traps. Don’t drink the water or the Kool-Aid.

We want you to know your history.

We strongly suggest that you don’t let the in-your-face, pay-to-play media of today cloud the importance…

How the Dominican-American streetwear OG is fighting fash fashion & manufacturing his line proudly in America with immigrant workers.


It’s around 8 PM in Downtown LA. Rush hour still sucks, but nowhere near what it used to be. A pandemic has its perks, I suppose. The sun doesn’t really set in Los Angeles, it just drips. Pink and apricot-colored egg yolk glissades behind the mural-covered stucco of the lost angel metropolis.

For a moment, everyone from the dustheads screaming at an invisible army to executives on the 25th floor are all experiencing the world exactly the same.

Hommy Diaz is still at his studio factory designing, pulling thru fabric, sketching ideas. Out of all…


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